AD50 Differential Amplifier

The AD50 is a versatile general-purpose differential amplifier which will interface many common engine sensors to data converter systems such as the RS11 and MD33. Sensors supported include knotmeter (paddle-wheel) transducers, flowmeters, inductive pickups, thermocouples, current shunts, and most other pulsed, analog, or alarm sensors which have low output voltages. The unique feature of differential amplifiers is that they amplify only the difference between their “+/ -” inputs and ignore the input DC (common mode) voltage. Connecting the AD50 to an RS11 or MD33 is straightforward.

Supply Voltage/Current: 10 - 30 Vdc / 10 mA
Max output level: 5.5 volts
Input common mode range: -8 to 30 volts
Input Impedance: 100K ohms
Bandwidth: 25 kHz
Voltage gain: 12 v/v (Green to 'Ground')
(Green wire 20 v/v (Green open)
connected to...) 50 v/v (Green to 'Out')
Size/weight: 0.6" x 1.1" x 0.4" / 1 oz.
Warranty: 2 year replacement