RS11 – CANbus Engine Data Converter

RS11 – CANbus Engine Data Converter

The RS11 converts tachometer pulses and analog gauge voltages from virtually any engine into NMEA 2000(CANbus) digital messages. It is configurable for either single or dual engine installations and includes a USB PC interface for configuration and calibration. Output messages are applied to the CANbus for display by compatible devices.

The RS11 provides versatile interfacing to almost any type of analog engine sensor or gauge commonly used on marine or automotive engines. It has two pulse (RPM/Fuel Flow) inputs, six analog (gauge) inputs and supports both 12 and 24 volt systems. The analog inputs can be assigned all to one engine or be split between two engines. Multiple RS11’s can be installed on the same CANbus. The RS11 can be used with existing analog gauges or as a replacement for them. Current sources within the RS11 will power resistive sending units where gauges have been removed or new senders(without gauges) have been added.


The RS11 is intended for converting Tach and analog sensor data into NMEA 2000 messages for display by devices such as chart plotter MFD's(Multifunction Displays). The engine connections are made to existing gauges or directly to senders if there is no gauge. The RS11 can provide drive current to resistive senders where needed. Two RPM inputs plus six analog inputs on each RS11 means it can can support one or two engines as needed.

Configuration and calibration of the RS11 is done with a Windows PC(via USB) and the supplied software. It consists of selecting the specific information(engine temp, oil press, etc.) to convert on each input and supplying proper calibration values. There are also options to turn on "Sender Current" where needed, enable or reset "Engine Hours", and set Alarm Values for some inputs. If software updates are ever needed, they are done with a Windows PC via USB.

A water resistant housing protects the RS11 internal components, while a gasketed cover seals the the terminal strip connections to the engine. A plastic plug seals the USB Port when not in use. A multicolor status LED indicates operating mode of the RS11. All inputs can handle 30V or more of applied voltage without damage.


Supply Voltage/Current: 10-30 Vdc, 40 mA. max
Pulse Input Impedance: 100K ohm
Analog Input Impedance: 13K ohms
Analog Input Accuracy: +/- 1%
Operating Temp (℃): -20 – 70 °C
Humidity range: 0 – 100% (non-condensing)
Certification: NMEA 2000 (Level A), LEN 1
Size/weight: 2.4″ x 3.4″ x 0.9″ / 3 oz.
Warranty: 3 year repair/replacement
Supported PGNs, fields: 127245 (Rudder): Position
127488 (Engine Parameters, Rapid Update): Engine Speed (RPM), Engine Boost Pressure, Engine Tilt/trim
127489 (Engine Parameters, Dynamic): Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Alternator Volts, Fuel rate, Total Engine Hours, Engine Coolant Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Discrete Status 1
127493 (Transmission Parameters, Dynamic): Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Discrete Status
127505 (Fluid Level): Fluid Type (Fuel, Water, Oil), Fluid Level, Tank Capacity
127508 (Battery Status): Battery Voltage, Battery Current
130576 (Small Craft Status): Port trim tab, Starboard trim tab


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